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The Regional Clinical Specialized Dispensary for Radiation Protection of Citizenry (RCSDRPC) provides a wide range of medical services at the level of modern medical science and practice. The patients are provided with qualified specialized advisory medical assistance. The diagnostics and the treatment of various diseases are carried out in accordance with the existing requirements of clinical protocols and standards of the treatment and diagnostic process. Also the primary medical care is provided.

The staff of the clinic has a high professionalism in the provision of medical care. All doctors at the clinic have large medical experience with treatment of patients who have combined pathologies of various organs and systems. Most medical tests for patients is carried out on the territory of the clinic.

Only the first and highest qualification of category doctors work in the dispensary, including candidates of medical sciences.


The patient receives clear recommendations for treatment and medical supervision, when the diagnosis is done. The treatment could be provided in the conditions of a day in hospital polyclinic for patients who do not require round-the-clock observation. Non-drug methods play a large role in the complex with therapeutic measures, namely treatment at the physiotherapy department, physiotherapy room, and psychotherapeutic room.

The doctor could refer the patient to one of the specialized departments of dispensary, if necessary. Also there is a dental department at the dispensary, where qualified dental care is provided.

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