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Surgical department is designed to provide planned and urgent specialized medical and diagnostic care to patients with surgical, gynecological, urological pathologies, as well as for chemotherapy treatment of patients with oncopathology. In the department many years of experience of leading surgeons of Ukraine are being introduced into practice. The best traditions of high-class service are maintained, along with the use of modern approaches and methods of minimally invasiveness and cosmetic.

The medical department is represented in persons of qualified doctor. Many of whom have proven their knowledge of surgery.


Shapovalov Dmitriy
head of department,
doctor of higher category,
candidate of medical science


Kulik Andrey
doctor of higher category,
candidate of medical science


Omelyanenko Elena
doctor of higher category,
candidate of medical science


We confirm the level of our knowledge and experience, showing good results in treating patients with an lowest percentage of complications. Our approaches and surgical practice are developing and improving in the key of world achievements and trends, as evidenced by our grateful patients and their happy faces.

The department has 50 beds, where patients receive assistance in surgery, urology, gynecology and chemotherapy.

sur_room_1  sur_room_2

The head of the department is the Honored Doctor of Ukraine. He is a mentor and a leading surgeon of the clinic, continuing to provide high-quality surgical care, having many years of experience. His merits are confirmed by many thanks and awards from the direction of the region and the city of Kharkov.

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